Gerale Srl


Gerale Srl was born in Brescia in 2017 from the entrepreneurial experience of the founders Luca Eoli and Oscar Menegoli, for over ten years engaged respectively in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Already in 2013 the surveyor Eoli, owner and lessor of properties for short-term tourist and work stays, pondered the birth of a broader sectoral society; the idea was to specialize in a productive sector supporting the rental through direct and indirect interactions.

From this intuition, thanks to the professional synergy with the partner Menegoli, Gerale Srl took shape, linking the primary and tertiary sector with a view to respecting the environment and promoting tourism in apartments and the territory.

Today the company is constantly expanding, with the architectural and functional recovery of city apartments and holiday homes, all revisited from Gerale Farm, the organic farm wing used for horticulture, medicinal plants and, above all, for the growing cultivation of Bamboo Gigante MOSO® .

This plant, in addition to admirably lending itself to the construction use and to characteristic furnishing solutions, is located alive in the leased buildings to purify its air naturally, since it is an ornamental shrub with a 17 times higher carbon dioxide removal power. to the vegetable average.

In Gerale Srl there are certainly many present offers and numerous future ideas, always conceived with a common denominator: hospitality for their guests and respect for the environment that hosts us all!

For more details on the services offered by Gerale Srl, visit the dedicated site pages and for any additional information contact us without obligation: we are at your disposal!