Gerale Srl has its own agricultural company in Castel Goffredo (Mn) and precisely in the Lodolo district, a typically rural location surrounded by nature.

Gerale Farm is the organic business wing of Gerale Srl used for horticulture, medicinal plants and, above all, for the cultivation of Bamboo Gigante MOSO®, the latter also used for the architectural and functional recovery of the buildings that Gerale Srl makes available to tourists and off-site professionals.

Bamboo, in addition to admirably lend itself to the use in construction and to characteristic furnishing solutions, is located alive in the leased buildings to fit the air, since it is an ornamental shrub with a power to lower carbon dioxide 17 times higher than the plant average.

The large-scale cultivation of Bamboo Gigante MOSO® also represents a real “green lung” for the territory and guarantees the on-site supply of natural material for bio-building, furniture, the cosmetic and food sectors; in doing so, Gerale Farm serves an area of ​​the country with a strong production vocation with the added value of the low-emission “zero kilometer”.

Respect for the environment also means biologic cultivation and the company does not make use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical agents in general, while adopting only natural fertilizers.

As mentioned, in addition to bamboo, vegetables are cultivated with a short chain and strictly seasonal cycles, in order to guarantee fullness of taste and nutritional properties; finally, production is extended to officinal plants for use in herbal, cosmetic, cosmeceutical and pharmacological preparations.

Gerale Farm has White Certificates (TTE) that can be transferred to industrial companies with an eco-sustainable balance sheet and that want to reduce their emissions.

Not least, among the short-medium term objectives, there is the expansion of the bamboo garden for a further 5 hectares and the creation of an educational farm to be used also for bio-tastings, perhaps in a “nutrition club” key.

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